Kaleidoscope Coaster Set

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These one-of-a-kind Kaleidoscope designer drink coasters are handcrafted in Haddon Township, NJ, each coaster in this set is a unique masterpiece that cannot be replicated. Created with meticulous care, these coasters offer a perfect blend of artistry and functionality.

Samantha believes in embracing the beauty and complexity of life. Her coasters are more than functional art; they invite you to unleash your creativity and embrace your unique viewpoints. Each piece reflects the sweet and challenging journey of life itself, inspiring you to reflect on your own experiences.


  • Set Name: Black Galaxy Set
  • Quantity: choose either one or set of 4, 6, or 10
  • Measurements: 4.25" x 4.25" (each coaster)
  • Weight: Relatively heavy due to porcelain and resin seal
Join the Journey

  • Over 3000 coasters sold to date
  • Help us keep track of each piece
  • Each coaster is a work of art
  • Embrace the beauty and functionality
Materials & Process

Each coaster is a true work of art, created with passion and attention to detail. Here's a glimpse into my process:

  • Acrylic paint is applied individually, to craft each masterpiece that beckons to be cherished as a unified quartet.
  • The drying time of 5-6 days ensures the paint settles beautifully.
  • A protective and shiny epoxy resin coating is then applied, enhancing the overall design.
  • The coasters are finished with a cork backing, stamped and numbered for that extra touch of authenticity.
Why You Will Love Them

  • Elevate your space with elegance and trending sophistication.
  • Support an independent artist
  • Indulge in the perfect fusion of art and functionality.
  • Enhance your everyday moments with these one-of-a-kind coasters.

Remember, life is a canvas waiting to be filled. Let these Black Galaxy Set be the brush that adds a touch of brilliance to your journey.

Care Instructions
  • Care: Hand wash with soap and water. Avoid submerging in water.
  • Avoid: Direct sunlight and high temperatures
Shipping and Delivery Information

  • Backordered items will be made to order.
  • Slight variations from photos shown may occur.
  • Production time: Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.


Let us offer suggesetions and help you see what the original artwork will look like in your space.

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