Brain activity during REM--the period during sleep when your mind is most active--can be depicted in a simple graph of troughs and peaks. High, then low, then high again, taking you on your nightly rollercoaster of dreams.

But what will the graph look like when your eyes are wide open, the sun is up, and your heads stuck in the clouds? 

Daydreaming--arguably more deliberate and magical than your mind in the dark--has us all dancing through reality, our graphs wrapped up in flecks of gold and dotted in fluidity with splats and pops of pigment. Whimsical and full of light energy, the brain leaps then rests on pillows of possibility and enchantment.

Daydream. A measurement of your mind’s conscious ability to create what does not yet exist, but what can through your will.

A measurement of what gets you excited. A graph of what keeps you hopeful and reaching for the stars.


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Billboard Artist for thee 30th Annual Manayunk Art Festival


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