The eye of life series

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In my latest body of work, I explore the symbolism of circles and round objects as portals or gateways. Using these shapes as a metaphor for the boundless potential for growth and connection that exists within each of us.

I incorporate vibrant colors into these paintings to express the energy and vitality inherent in the journey of self-discovery and self-realization. I also add a layer of counter-symbolism by incorporating genuine 24K gold rings into some of the circles. These rings represent the material distractions and obstacles that can sometimes hinder our path toward unity, wholeness, infinity, spirituality, and the eternal.

By playing with these contrasting elements, my aim is to create a visual experience that speaks to the universal human experience of seeking connection and transcendence. Through the combination of these seemingly conflicting symbols of unity and division, I create a sense of tension and ambiguity in my artwork.

As you view my paintings, you may question whether the circles are inviting you to enter or warning you to stay away. Do they represent a passage to a higher plane of existence, or do they symbolize our inability to transcend the material world? My hope is that my artwork will inspire you to reflect on your own journey towards self-discovery and encourage you to find your unique path towards unity, wholeness, and the infinite.


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