Samantha Carell
b. 1989, Worcester, MA 
 Focused on illumination, Carell's work is the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and learning through mistakes. While convinced she is at the right place right now, her subject begins to evolve into wondering possibility. Carell finds joy in her craft as she discovers new materials and how they speak to science and the aesthetic experience. With a constant change in direction, Carell strives to impress with her growing discipline. She has a drive that pushes her work to continually evolve as it takes on many new guises on her artistic journey.
 Carell lives with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHS) like many individuals and has difficulty with focus issues. She likes challenging herself with new mediums and materials; including 24 karat gold and epoxy resin. There is no right or wrong in her process, but a desire for continuance in her learning process. Beauty comes in the fruition of chaos. To create positive and meaningful outcomes, Carell channels her energy with focus, wisdom, and empathy. From an alternative perspective, the work she creates offers her an opportunity to focus, and for others to explore their inner worlds, keying in a source of light and balance within themselves.  


 With a formal training in art, she has vast knowledge of pigments and color theory. This is where Carell now finds her focus in viscosity. She mixes and studies the reaction of fluid acrylics, in scientific methods, to harness their energies. With these methods, Carell can control how the pigments attract or repel as they contest for space. The finished piece is a natural cellular-like form. Through procedural study and experimentation, Carell is now able to achieve this effect with discipline and control, and leaves little to "the laws of chance."    



   Carell’s award winning paintings have been displayed in Paris, Madrid, New York, Fort Lauderdale, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Massachusetts. Samantha was a top sale artist at this past Market Art + Design Fair in Bridgehampton, selling 15 original paintings.     



For commissions and other inquiries, please inquire on the contact page or send an email to carellartcollection@gmail.com