Samantha Carell
American,  b. 1989


Samantha Carell's decade in the field has invited her work into the homes of new and seasoned art collectors around the world who seek not only fresh, modern art but the opportunity to join Carell's continued creative evolution. Carell’s award-winning paintings have been displayed in Paris, Madrid, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Massachusetts.

Focused on illumination, Samantha's work is the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and learning through mistakes. While convinced she is at the right place right now, her subject begins to evolve into wondering possibility. Samantha finds joy in her craft as she discovers new materials - such as resin and genuine 24K gold, and how they speak to science and the aesthetic experience. With a constant change in direction, Samantha strives to impress with her growing discipline. She has a drive that pushes her work to continually evolve as it takes on many new guises on her artistic journey.

With a formal training in art, she has vast knowledge of pigments and color theory. This is where Samantha now finds her focus in viscosity. She mixes and studies the reaction of fluid acrylics, in scientific methods, to harness their energies. With these methods, Samantha can control how the pigments attract or repel as they contest for space. The finished piece is a natural cellular-like form. Through procedural study and experimentation, Samantha is now able to achieve this effect with discipline and control and leaves little to "the laws of chance."



I grew up in Acton, Massachusetts with three other little women. Also, a left-handed Pisces like my late mother, I was born a dreamer. An optimist, I like to learn things my own way, and have a desire to push boundaries.
These are all evident in my life as an artist and I carry them within every aspect of my work. I am best known for my fluid abstracts and mixed media techniques, with a focus in fluid viscosity, 24K gold and resin. Each day is a chance to strike brilliance or a bridge to examine a beautiful mistake. My process is as sweet and challenging as life itself.



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