American, b. 1989

Samantha Carell

“ Each day is a chance to strike brilliance or a bridge to examine a beautiful mistake. My process is as sweet and challenging as life itself. ”
- Samantha Carell

“ Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One ”
- Raphaëlle Giordano


Samantha Carell's art is a vibrant exploration of growth and technique, seamlessly integrating elements of science and aesthetics. Embracing diverse materials like 24-karat gold, epoxy resin, and 3D elements, she constantly evolves her approach to create compelling, innovative works. Despite her ADHD, which challenges her focus, Carell consistently advances the limits of her artistic expression.

Educated in editorial illustration and color theory, her understanding of abstraction has deepened, allowing her work to become a conduit for profound spiritual reflections. Over the last decade, her art has transformed into a platform that articulates her deep spiritual experiences and personal losses, including the deaths of her mother, twin sister, and close girlfriend. These experiences infuse her work with resilience and empathy, offering viewers a chance for introspection and a deeper understanding of identity and existence.

Carell exhibits a profound affinity for negative space, light, and illumination in her compositions, elements that significantly enhance the visual impact and emotional resonance of her pieces. She is renowned for her mastery in fluid acrylics, specifically her techniques in viscosity that create mesmerizing, cellular-like forms. Her disciplined experimentation has not only perfected her craft but also established her as a leader in this artistic technique. Her work is recognized for its precision and ability to harness the dynamic energies of pigments, achieving striking effects that challenge and captivate her audience.

Her work has been recognized internationally, with exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Miami, and New York, among others. She received the accolade of Best Emerging Artist at the 2018 Manayunk Art Festival in Philadelphia and was featured as their billboard artist the following year. Carell's continued exploration and commitment to art make her an artist to watch in the contemporary art scene, inspiring viewers to embrace their spirituality and delve into the complexities of their own perspectives.

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