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Samantha Carell Gallery


Focused in illumination, Samantha's work is the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and learning through mistakes.



Having knowledge of pigments and color theory, Samantha is eager to explore new grounds in the scientific methods of viscosity.

Monthly Payment Plan

Available for any of my Originals or Custom Commission Paintings.

1 Payment 

Paid in full same month

2 Payments

Paid in 2 months

3 Payments

Paid in 4 months

6 Payments

Paid in 6 months

10 Payments

Paid in 10 months

12  Payments

Paid in 12 months 

Fill out your contact info HERE if you are interested in this option.
Even though most artists don't offer payment plans, I personally LOVE to honor these Payment Plans as an option. It allows more people the opportunity to own original artwork. There truly is no comparing owning an original painting, versus a high quality print. A lot of time and passion goes into creating these original paintings. I hope that you take advantage of this option.