June 2024


“Lost and Found,” symbolizes the journey of reconnecting with loved ones through its three distinct layers. The white base represents the purity and hope of a fresh start. The middle blue cell wave embodies the ebb and flow of emotions, reflecting the complexity of shared memories. The top turquoise layer signifies renewal and growth, illustrating the tranquility and deeper connection that emerges from rekindling the bond. Together, they capture the essence of rediscovered friendship and the transformative power of reunion.


Love is a verb

This series is a beautiful reminder that love is not just a passive emotion, but something that we actively create through our behaviors and actions. It inspires us to cherish and nurture the relationships that matter most, and to always strive to show our love through our daily actions.

eye of life

This series serves as a metaphor for the boundless potential for growth and connection that exists within each of us.