Samantha Carell's website offers a deeply personal and artistic journey through various series that reflect her unique perspective on life and emotion. Her work is grounded in personal experiences and a passion for exploring colors, shapes, and abstract forms. Here is an exploration of her artistic world:

Personal Artistic Journey: Samantha's art serves as a solace and a means of processing emotions, particularly after the loss of her mother and twin sister. Her creative approach, which she refers to as "one ticket energy", embodies resilience and zest for life. Her art is not confined to conventional styles but rather is a continuous exploration of growth and discovery. She often experiments with fluid acrylics and incorporates diverse materials like 24K gold, 3D printed forms, and resin, aiming to invite introspection and self-discovery in viewers. Explore more about her personal journey and artistic philosophy at About Samantha Carell​ ​.

Art Series and Themes:

Metamorphosis: This series pays homage to monarch butterflies, symbolizing the ever-evolving facets of our lives. A portion of the proceeds from each piece sold is donated to the Save Our Monarchs Foundation. Discover this collection at Metamorphosis Collection ​.

The Little Things We Call Love: This series uses hearts to explore the intricate nature of love, representing its various aspects such as passion, affection, vulnerability, and sacrifice. View this series at The Little Things We Call Love Collection ​.

Aerial Beach: This collection portrays the beach from an aerial viewpoint, symbolizing the fleeting nature of life and the impermanence of human actions. See the series at Aerial Beach Collection ​.



Eye of Life: This work explores the symbolism of circles and round objects as metaphors for growth and connection. Explore this theme at Eye of Life Collection ​.

Daydream: A series reflecting on the mind's ability to create and bring to life what does not yet exist. Delve into this collection at Daydream Collection​.



Transcendent Blues: Journeys of Self-Discovery: Created before the pandemic, these acrylic works explore themes of water, light, and negative space, gaining new significance during the pandemic. Learn more about this series at Transcendent Blues Collection ​.


Other Artistic Endeavors:

Design and Functionality: Besides her fine art, Samantha also creates functional art pieces like coasters, inviting people to embrace their creativity. Learn more about her designs at Samantha Carell's Coasters ​​.



Digital Rendering Services: She provides digital rendering services, offering visual representations of how her artwork would integrate into different spaces. Find out more about these services at Digital Rendering Services​ ​.


Philosophy and Impact: Samantha believes in quality, care, and the creation of unique products. Her designs combine fine materials, aiming to resonate with art lovers and inspire others to explore their creative paths. Her philosophy extends to her various series, where she explores themes like love, life's impermanence, and personal growth. Each series is a metaphorical exploration, inviting viewers to reflect and connect with the art on a deeper level. More about her philosophy can be found at About Samantha Carell ​.



To stay connected with Samantha Carell and her artistic journey, you can explore her available works on her website and follow her on social media platforms like Instagram. This offers a unique opportunity to engage with her continuously evolving art, gain insights into her creative process, and be part of a community that appreciates and supports her work. Engaging with her work on these platforms not only brings you closer to her artistic world but also lets you participate in a shared creative experience, where every piece of art resonates with personal stories and profound emotions ​​.

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